Export is confidence

Cast-iron principles
Our principles are also made of cast iron: agreed is agreed. We know very well that your processes have to continue at all costs. That is why Kobout delivers right on time and we switch up a gear effortlessly if your order is really urgent. Not only in the Netherlands, but also worldwide. Internationally renowned transporters deliver the goods in accordance with your wishes.

Worldwide range
Bolts, nuts, screws, washers, plates, pins, rivets, spring dowels, etc. In a wide variety of materials: iron, steel, brass and stainless steel. In short, Kobout stocks the items in every type and size. And because the smallest thing is sometimes the most essential, our range is both broad and deep. All our products come from a network of ISO-certified suppliers selected from around the world.

Naturally, it can occur that a product is out of stock, a part is different or has to be made according to a drawing. Or that it involves a delivery with a manufacturer’s certificate. No problem at Kobout, because we have different irons in the fire. That is why we can take care of special orders quickly for you. And our team always delivers just what you want.

Our staff are specialists with years of experience, the keywords being expert know-how and market knowledge. Other keywords are service and customer friendliness. Thanks to the years-long relationship with our business contacts, they work with us enthusiastically as a team and you therefore benefit directly.

Our super strong tools, which set us apart:

- Kobout is a specialist in hot dipped galvanised articles
- Order by user-friendlyuser-friendly EDI or Web Shop
- Experienced office staff focused on the trade sector
- View and order stock and prices online
- Neutral packaging for easy resale
- Client-specific labels and packaging are available, as is a private label service.
- Threaded rods in various qualities and treatments are sawn to measure
for the customer

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