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Construction is customisation 

It is not without reason that our regular clients include contractors from groundwork, road and hydraulic engineering, dredging and construction companies, civil engineering contractors and cement factories. Every one of them chooses us for our specialist knowledge and experience. We work to ensure the best outcome for the most complex solutions, because we are aware that our product will soon form part of your product. This is why we have adapted our range and logistics to accommodate the construction industry.

A few examples:

- We have anchor shafts in every length and thickness and in every kind of steel and with every kind of surface treatment.
- Anchors can be delivered pre-fabricated, and plates, rings and nuts can be mounted on the anchors ahead of time and delivered in calibration moulds.
- Plates are available in any size
- Deliveries are labelled so that you can immediately see which project they are for
- Delivery to construction sites throughout the Netherlands
- Your order will be ready for pick-up at the pick-up desk in no time
- Rush orders can be delivered anywhere in the Netherlands in a matter of hours

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