Kobout GPS


Integrated Product Service keeps you on track 

We can easily take care of your supply chain for C-parts. You no longer have to worry about material planning, quality control, procurement, stock management and internal distribution. This is vendor management inventory (VMI) in action! You have your own stock status at Kobout, and you can count on our partnership:

- At Kobout, you have your own project team for sales, procurement and logistics, so everyone knows your preferences, changes can be processed quickly, and our permanent logistics employees can also be contracted out to you.
- You are assigned a permanent, experienced contact person who knows your company well.
- Your stock is stored separately (also two-bin goods), so that the delivery level is optimal.
- You will receive a clear invoice every month.
- Bins are scanned and filled on site at Kobout.
- Your preferences with regard to brands/manufacturers are always met, because we are not affiliated to any one brand.
- You know your gross profit margin for brand-linked C-parts.
- Logistics is an independent division within Kobout.

For more information: export@kobout.nl