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If you regularly use small parts,  you can significantly reduce the cost by making use of the Kanban, or two-bin, system. Agricultural machinery and ship equipment manufacturers, the automobile and basic metal industries, and manufacturers of machines for the food industry make extensive use of this logistics system. ‘Never short of parts’ is the key to this system. The 2-bin system is simple: first, the content and location are determined at the same time in the warehouse (centrally) or on the work floor (decentrally). After that, we determine various parameters, like visit frequency, seasonal peaks, packaging units, product value and quantity, the contents of the bins. If the bin is empty, then the second bin is automatically used while the first is removed. At Kobout, the empty bins are scanned and refilled. The barcode contains information on both the product and the number of the product kept in stock. We keep your user history up-to-date and make sure there is a continuous supply of stock on location.

The term ‘Kanban’ is used most commonly, although ‘two-bin system’ is a more precise name.

The advantages in a nutshell:

- Good stock, receiving, record-keeping , administration, handling
- Reduction in stock costs and packaging costs
- No waiting for delivery, plus automated booking system
- Centralised ordering system and transparent cost structure
- Reduction in overstock
- Simple, flexible and expandable solutions possible
- Numbers adjusted based on use
- Adapted labelling possible

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