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To us, long-term relationships with our clients and the continuity of our company are more important than maximizing profits. As one of the top five fastener suppliers in the Netherlands, we strive for highly-qualified, service-oriented staff, excellent stock management, outstanding logistics and incontestable quality.

Our vision is closely linked to our Christian faith, which gives us a sense of responsibility to do business in a socially responsible way. We translate that way of thinking into the way we do business every day. In this connection, we observe three key words from the Bible:

1) Stewardship:
Business activities should contribute to the development of society. To achieve this, foundational principles and business objectives should be consistent with one another.
2) Service:
We do not only allow ourselves to be driven by profit and efficiency; the effects of our policies on employees, clients and Creation are important considerations in our policy that lead to long-standing relationships based on trust and satisfaction.
3) Justice:
Good labour relations are essential. We see employees as fellow human beings with whom we interact sincerely and respectfully. An encouraging HR policy and a fair compensation system ensure that you are doing business with motivated partners who speak your language.